Samantha Retrosi Argumentative Analysis

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Katniss Everdeen sprinted off her platform and raced off into the woods, but just before she could make it she felt a sharp stinging in the back of her leg. She had just gotten shot, but she kept sprinting, only looking back once to see all of her competitors dying around her. As the Hunger Games is a battle to the death, the Olympics are too. Samantha Retrosi, a luger, has been to the Olympics and can point out all of the chilling similarities. Retrosi argument is compelling because she needed money, and she compares the Olympics to the Hunger Games. One reason that her argument is strong is because she could get seriously hurt. Unfortunately, when training Retrosi had “... the constant fear of bodily harm…” (Retrosi 2). Luge is a very dangerous…show more content…
The terrible connection to the Hunger Games can be seen at the opening ceremony where, “like the kids representing the districts of Panem, each nation's’ athletes are trotted around like prize ponies…” (Retrosi 1). People aren’t animals and should be treated as such, not ran around in circles like show dogs. Some people think that both the Hunger Games and the Olympics are entertaining. However, according to Retrosi, the athletes’ lives are put at risk just like in the Hunger Games. The purpose of the Hunger Games is to win for your nation and possibly die doing so, just like the Olympics. As one of the representatives for the US team, Samantha Served the same purpose of Katniss Everdeen. They were both just a pawn in a deadly game for the sole purpose of entertaining their nation. Therefore the Hunger Games and the Olympics have too much in common with each other, making Retrosi’s argument very strong. The luger’s argument is interesting because she got hurt and she linked the Hunger Games and the Olympics together. Samantha was always in pain, whether physical or emotional. She had also compared the Olympics to the popular movie Hunger Games showing many haunting similarities. The Olympic games cause too many injuries and pain to their
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