Essay On Brazil Carnival

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Among the variety of events that make up the Brazilian carnival, the annual parade of the samba schools are great prominence, mainly because of its uniqueness and spectacular feature. The evolution of samba school somewhat improved the volatility of samba dance. The first samba school is found in 1928, named Mangueira School of Samba. Samba school was originated in the end of 1920 by the organizers of samba dance who were searching for some ways to make the teaching lesson of the dance to be more organized. Ismael Silva, from Estácio then created the term escola de samba which means samba school. The samba school system often appear to fortify the validity of the Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage in contrast to the mainstream education system. During Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the samba schools all around…show more content…
For years, Brazil has become a destination for sex tourism. Although the prostitution in Brazil is legal, and there is no laws forbidding adult prostitution, it seems to give a negative social impact to the image of Brazil. The image of a tourist destination is one of the important factors in the decision and choice of fixed-site tourist trip. We define image of a place as a set of attributes consisting of beliefs, ideas and impressions that people have of this place. The images usually represent simplifying innumerous associations and fragments of information and are the product of the mind and trying to process huge quantity of new data frame related to a place (Kotler, 2006, p. 182). Particularly during the Carnival, rate of prostitution increases as there are a lot of people in Rio and the demand for prostitutes increases. In order to meet cope with the inflation and need of additional income, the women and men in Rio take advantage of this demand to offer sex in exchange to money. Because of this, the image of Brazil as highly cultural country to sex tourism
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