Same Sex Marriage Pros And Cons

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The topic of same sex marriages in the United States of America is very controversial and an ongoing political matter at the moment. Of the 50 states that form the United States of America, 37 have already legalized same sex marriages. States such as Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and 10 others however have not legalized same sex marriages and the laws of these states are being contested by educated, gay and lesbian couples who wish to be seen as legally married in front of the law. The Defense of Marriage Act was set in place in 1996 by the American federal government and it stopped the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages as legal in terms of the law. This essay will explain arguments for upholding and opposing the ban. The essay…show more content…
As far back as 1979, people such as Eisenstein have believed that Karl Marx was very wise in his teachings and that through his work “a theory of relations of reproduction” (Yanagisako, S. & Collier, J. 1987) should be made. This theory would have to incorporate the role of women and take a feminist approach to the Marxist theory itself. In many of Marx’s discussions he speaks about how women are seen and labeled as the means of reproduction. Gender and kinship studies are defined by our folk conception of human reproduction. This would suggest, for example, in an industrial society that women have a function to serve and that work would be reproduction. Specifically in this case the term reproduction is referring to the ability to physically generate labor power through more people being born. Reproductive activity is used here as a short-hand for the whole set of women’s household activities: childbearing, child rearing, and day to day management of the consumption and production of services for household members. (Tilly, L. & Scott, J. 1980). This statement elaborates more on the role of women in terms of a gender category but through this definition, men are not involved in reproductive work. This implication suggests that both men and women need to be involved in reproduction work. According to this logical it shows…show more content…
Gates states in his online article,” Why the American family needs same sex parent.” In 2005 that since the 1970s births outside of wedlock had grown rapidly and therefor allowing same-sex marriage would benefit children. These same sex families are far more likely to adopt a child than the average heterosexual family. Studies suggest that children raised in a family that has a stable environment at home with two loving parents in a relationship, often married, are far more likely to benefit from having two parents than children who don’t have two parents. The sexual orientation of the parents did not affect the results of the study. Fortunately for a lot of gay men and lesbian women the view of parenthood, marriage and all other kinship relationships are viewed as social relationships and not biological ones any longer. This would have been due to the fact that in modern day society people place a great deal of emphasis on sociocultural characteristics rather than biological bonds. An argument begins to form when asked if these gay couples are within their legal boundaries when they challenge the Defense of Marriage Act as they can argue that they are being denied the 14th amendment which addresses the rights of citizens living and born on United States soil. All Americans are equal before the law and deserve equal rights. It could also be argued that marriage is the joining of two people based on love and trust that commit themselves to a long term relationship. This

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