Same Sex Rights Vriend V Albert Case Study

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Facts of the case Same Sex Rights Vriend v. Alberta, [1998] 1S.C.R. 493 There was a guy named Vriend who was a college instructor. At the time he was in Alberta located in the prairies of Canada. In the year 1988 he was given a full time permanent position as a laboratory coordinator at a college. In the year 1991the president had told Vriend to resign from his position of being the college instructor due to the fact that he was homosexual. Vriend then refused to quit his job that the college fired him. They terminated him because the college does not accept homosexual practises. Vriend decided that he file a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission that his employer discriminated him just because he was gay. The commission had told him that he can't make this complaint since it wasn't under the Individual's Right Protection Act because it didn't include the sexual orientation act. The judge…show more content…
We all should be treated equally in Alberta, everyone should be given rights or having them; everyone in this planet should be considered equal, no one should be treated better. So what if they're gay, lesbian or Bisexual we should respect them for who they are. We respect straight people, we should do the same by giving the same rights to gays, lesbians and bisexuals and not taking away their jobs. The college terminated Vriend's job because he was gay. I don't get why they should take away his job, it's not bothering anyone, it's his choice of life and the fact that the appeal overturned the case just makes me upset, they should add it to the Charter because they have to come to a realization that everyone should be respected and they need to rights that straight people gets. This is my
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