Timed Write By Samee Callahan Analysis

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Timed Write A college degree is thought to be the most successful way to progress further in your life and career. While this may be true in some cases, it isn't always true. In College degrees aren’t necessary to be successful by Samee Callahan, Callahan argues that a degree might not be completely necessary for a successful career. She provides a lot of evidence throughout to help support her claim, but that does not help her to create a strong argument. The author overall made a decent argument, but failed to provide strong pieces of evidence, and also fails to use parts such as a counterclaim.
The author starts with a simple claim. She states, “The point is that it’s possible to be hugely successful without one.” (Callahan). She makes many claims that relate to this thesis. She states points such as the expense, the stress, and the unreliability of college. However, all of these claims are more of personal opinions as opposed to what other people might actually experience in college. The author uses a sort of randomized structure, in the sense that she will state a
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It isn't written in a formal or serious mood. The author uses very little logical appeals or ethical appeals, and focuses more on the emotional appeal. She describes her experiences that occured while she was in college, and tries to appeal to a reader's emotions, which is a very powerful appeal. However, without any facts or credibility, it makes this article more like a personal story than an actual argument. She states, “So there it is, every reason why you shouldn’t (or should) be in college.” (Callahan). This sentence is a dead giveaway that this is not written in a formal setting. The author uses informal writing and makes it sound like you are talking to one of your friends instead of a person who actually wants to hear your argument. Overall, the author lacks certain appeals and rhetorical devices to create a strong
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