Sameness In Fahrenheit 451

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In my piece of formal writing, my aim is to review the main idea about how sameness can achieve peace and happiness for the society, which is expressed throughout the novel, “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. Also to challenge its idea on its accuracy relating to today’s society. In “Fahrenheit 451”, we are convinced by Bradbury that if everyone becomes identical such as looks, personality and smartness, the world will become peaceful and the society will live on a happy satisfied life. I am here to give my opinion on this idea that is portrayed in this novel whether it is true or false and to question if it possible in today’s world. Some books talk about “bluff”. Yet some are good as gold that makes us as a reader to remember for the rest…show more content…
It become evident as doctors were phrased as “technicians” to emphasise that they only fix technology and the technology refers to the description of devices to human beings. An example where Montag’s wife overdosed on sleeping pills and Montag calls the ‘technicians’. The technician’s job was only to fix problems as they do not treat to heal because devices are only able to be fixed. Montag recalls that reviving suicide was quite normal in the society, which shows that the people are actually depressed and unhappy to be in this kind of society which forcefully lead to many suicide attempts. Hence, it is why Montag then questions himself about what life is about. Montag recognises people are not any different to these dead machines (electric eyed snake and the mechanical hound) in the corrupted society. They perform like robots, instead of humans under the lead of mass media that impacted on the society negatively which disabled for them to think for themselves. Therefore meaning that technology ruins society’s culture, it makes us lazy. Bradbury explains the negative influences that technology prepares humans to be no different to the “Mechanical Hound” that only causes destruction of nature. Relevantly, both mass media in Fahrenheit 451 and today’s world is empowered therefore making technology such as news and social media, the power of manipulation in Fahrenheit and today’s world. Because there is not much censorship, we are able to review our mistakes and past. Although, in Fahrenheit 451, the world burns because of censorship of knowledge. This could mean that without knowledge, we are not able to learn from mistakes, and we end up repeating which leads to destruction of our nonviolent
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