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From the moment I began my search for the right college, Samford University has always been a top prospect. Many things about Samford stand out to me including the Christian aspect, great academics, and outstanding athletics. Therefore, I believe that Samford would be a great university for me and I would be a great student for the university. One aspect that I love about Samford University is the Christian perspective and atmosphere. I have grown up in a Christian family, attended church my entire life, and was saved at the age of seven. A Christian college or university is important for this next step in my life. I believe from my pre-college life and experiences that I could be a great student at Samford and become involved in church activities…show more content…
I have participated in sports my entire life and have always desired to pursue a career in athletics. Samford University has exactly what I am looking for. I intend to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training before enrolling in medical school to become a Sports Medicine Doctor. I have experienced sports related injuries myself and would love to help others with their injuries. My goal is to prevent, diagnose, and heal injuries in competitive and non-competitive athletes, as well as the general public. I believe that I would be a great fit in the Samford School of Health Professions. I intend to work to the best of my abilities and contribute to the university in every way possible. Another important aspect I am looking for in a college is competitive sports and the ability to participate in them. I have played many sports throughout my life including baseball, football, basketball, and track and field. Other than serving God, basketball and track and field are my two greatest passions. I am hoping to receive a track and field scholarship to compete competitively for Samford University and have the ability to contribute to the team and athletic program as a

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