Right Of Self-Determination Essay

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Home Exam S342S The third aspect of self-determination for Sami people is linked that the traditional land need more protection. Self-determination to Sami is that they have influence over their land, water and natural resources which is confirmed with the convention of 169 of the Internal Labour Organization (ILO) which means that the indigenous people have the right to protect their land and natural resources. Natural resources and right of self-determination Sami people is using their parental land from the time of immemorial and they have the right to use their traditional land and natural resources. It is the rights of the state to recognize their property…show more content…
The Sami political leaders are implementing the right of self-determination by contributing to prevent resolution of conflict between the states and the Sami people. The right of self-determination can be viewed based on all other rights that are including, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. State understand the right of self-determination is also regarded by Sami political leader as sign of respect for the cultural and national diversity in these states whose territories are partly established on traditional Sami land. The right of self-determination gradually recognized by the Nordic states through Sami parliament and democratically elected Sami indigenous institutions. Member are elected by individual registered in the voting list for Sami Parliament in the representative countries. The Sami Parliament represent the Sami people on national and international level. These parliaments are established and mandated through the representative Sami Act in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The political mandate is given to the Sami through the state legislation is the political mandate of these parliament. Currently Sami Parliament in Norway, Finland and Sweden has made some legislative changes through which a comprehensive political self-determination has become possible in the three Nordic
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