Samir Moussa Culture Analysis

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The life of Samir Moussa - local culture and globalization The life is Samir Moussa describes how much globalization has constricted and consumed his local culture through globalization. One example which portrays such cultural debase in his life is how globalization helped him learn four different languages and of which he is fluent in three and only understands basics of one which happens to be his native language of Arabic. In as much as he shares some parts of his growing up days in and out of Lebanon, he still missed it. His exposure to the world only resulted in a migration of other unequal values into his native culture. Also, with his long period of work in Costa Rica with the medicine man, and his later discovery of the sandfly and…show more content…
People from Asia, Africa, Europe, have all contributed to popular taste in daily life in the new spurt of civilization. The American culture encompasses an unusual mixture of patterns and forms forged from its diverse populations. “Cultural identities are progressively altered by globalization and by the increasing impact of the American culture and technological progress implemented worldwide”. In the case of forms of entertainment, People all over the world haven embraced technology easily and conveniently access entertainment via many electronic mediums which satisfies the main objective of pop culture which is described as transmission of modern popular culture via mass media. In Ghana where traditional values are held in high esteem, this new world order has endangered valuable cultural instruments like traditions, idioms, dialects and a host of other relics which defines the way of life of…show more content…
The Islamic society believes that culture should be guided by universal moral values whereby a strong ethic of restraint within one culture is applied to prevent the dominance of another culture. The factors and effects of westernization tramples upon values in the Islam society which are held in high esteem. Like the case of entertainment and recreation, anything that degrades the morals of individuals is forbidden and frowned upon, however, entertainment from the west mostly have immoral messages which goes a long way to tarnish the Islamic cultural values. Also, an important aspect is how the law of Islam places emphasis on decent and dignified dressing. The western world presents a sharp contrast on this belief as indecent dressing is perceived as a fashion trend and this is hugely popularized via many forms of media. “According to Abul A’La Mawdudi (1980) “Absurd and wasteful entertainments wherein thousands of people witness depraving scenes of crime and immorality are the very antithesis of healthy recreation”. Such entertainment which include discos and dance parties at bars and dance clubs, according to Islamic law can have no place in Islamic culture and society. To Muslims, the morality of the West is threatening to brain wash the Muslim youth, who then tend to imitate the way the people in the West live, and this then over time makes them lose their own cultural identity, as well as their way of

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