Sammy The Super Sleuth Sprite Essay

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Sammy the Super Sleuth Sprite and Ferret Series 1-1 ©copyright 2192 Words Monday, 22 August 2016 Sammy is an elf who lives with his family in a beautiful fairy house in a very large forest. His family have looked after the forest and all the creatures living there for hundreds of years. Now that Sammy is older it is his turn to protect the forest and the all the creatures living there. Everyday he would go out into the forest to make sure that everyone was safe and the forest was quiet, especially after weekends when there were a lot of visitors to the parklands around the forest area. When he wasn’t working, he loved to go and explore. Sometimes he would meet up with some of his friends to walk by the river or explore the many caves…show more content…
In fact he often forgot the time and would be home later than he should. That was when his mum really got mad; but if he was with Ferret, he was forgiven, even though Ferret was just as mischievous as Sammy himself. On these occasions whenever he was late home, Sammy’s mother would pick up her knitting and knit so over the years she knitted lots of hats and scarves. Once she knitted a scarf and just kept knitting; she was sooo worried. It was the longest scarf in the whole wide world. In fact it was so long it hung out of the window for everyone to see. She knitted so much that each year she would send all the beanies, and scarves over to the hospital for all the sick children there. One day when Sammy and Ferret were out in the woods they decided to play hide and seek. Sammy closed his eyes and counted to 10 and shouted, “I’m coming ready or not!” and went looking for Ferret. Unfortunately for Ferret, he had fallen down a very big hole and couldn’t get out. So when Sammy went looking for him, he didn’t know about the hole either and not looking where he was going fell straight into the same hole right on top of Ferret.. “AHH” Said Sammy as he fell and hit the bottom. “OOOOF!” said
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