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ATTN: Graduate Selection Committee.
I fully became interested in Psychology when I was in community college, once I heard Psychology has a wide range of career opportunities. As far as working with kids I knew I wanted to work with kids when I was a child myself. I would put my baby doll pampers on my little cousin when his parents were sleeping. I was the mother at that age and still to this day he calls me “second mom”. So, kids are my heart.
Furthermore, some of the experience I gained was working at a guidance center with individuals eighteen and up who had mental disorders. I now work at a group home with individuals who have developmental disabilities. Both opportunities were different learning experiences for me and not something I
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Now being at Rowan University I enjoy my profession and practice course as well as my life span development course. All three professors did not make the course dreading with meaningless homework. They would make sure you studied exactly what you needed to study, they gave you assignments that would help you with your career goals, the professors made the course a course that you can say you enjoyed and took something from it.
So attending grad school is something that I find will be useful so I can be exactly where I need to be and gain all the experience and then some before working the youth. As you can see I always had a passion for working with children ever since I was young which is why my future goals are to build my own recreation center for kids eight to eighteen which will be called “Kinship Unity”.
Furthermore, I believe attending this university will give me the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge to advocate for those who need a person that will stand up for them and help them to be able to advocate for themselves one day or even others and to see them succeed in life.
Thank you for your
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