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Presenting Concerns/ Referral Statement Samuel, however, he goes by Sam, is an 18 year old cis-gender heterosexual African American male. Sam has agreed to undergo this clinical interview as and educational learning opportunity. Sam is a freshman attending Chatham University. He is a double major, studying Chemistry and Biology. Sam has career aspirations of earning a Medical Doctorate (MD) and Doctorate of Philosophy Ph.D. in Public Health from one of the Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU). Bio Sam is 5 foot 9 inches and weights 157lbs. At this time he is not managing any significant health concerns. As an adolescent, Sam did undergo extensive dental procedures, which included, 3 extractions, 2 root canals for fractured teeth, and 3 veneers following a bicycle accident. Sam was speeding…show more content…
Furthermore, Sam does not report any family history of mental health concerns. However, Sam reports he frequently experiences stereotype threat as an African American student attending a Predominately White Institution (PWI) and having met the academic standards and demands from his parents. For both reasons, Sam takes advantage of the resources and learning opportunities his current institutions offers to bolster his academic success. First, Sam utilizes the writing center, which assists with improving his academic and scientific writing skills. Also, he attends all study sessions related to his majors for additional opportunities to grasp concepts and application of the material taught in lecture. Lastly, he submits each assignment for review, prior to its submission date. To cope with these feelings of stereotype threat, Sam takes advantage of consortium learning, which allows him to take classes at other area institutions. By doing so, Sam is able to network with other likeminded students from a cultural

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