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On 02/28/2017 at approximately 0330 hours, deputies were dispatched to 624 N. Market in Caldwell, KS. Dispatch advised a physical disturbance had just occurred between a mother and her son, the son left the house on foot. All of the doors were locked at the house so he could not get back inside. When I arrived in the area I parked to the south of the house and waited for backup to arrive. Deputy Marks #134 and I went to the house that is located on the north end of Caldwell, the house faces the west and is two stories. We first cleared the yard and vehicles parked in the back, I then went to the front door and made contact with the calling party. She was identified as Katherine Gauntt with KS DL as K02-05-2359. Katherine invited me into…show more content…
He said he was upstairs when he heard fighting coming from downstairs. When he came down the stairs he saw his brother standing in the dinning room with a knife in his hand. And his father was standing in the living room with the air rifle, Garrison walked around the table and got between his parents and Christopher. Garrison said he pushed Christopher in the chest in an attempt to get him away from his parents. When he pushed Christopher he fell back into the kitchen and fell down, when he did that the black knife fell out of his hand. Garrison said Christopher then got up and ran to a butcher block in the kitchen, He grabbed a knife out of the block, at this time Garrison came up behind him and placed him in a bear hold so he could not move his arms. He said Christopher dropped the knife and began to say he could not take a breathe. Garrison let up and Christopher attempted to pick up the knife again. When he was doing this the butcher block fell to the ground. Garrison 's father was using the bottom of the gun in an attempt to get the knife out of his hand. When Garrison let Christopher go he picked up the butcher block and threw it at his father. When he threw the butcher block it was still full of knives, some of the knives fell out and went towards Garrison 's father. Garrison attempted to stop the butcher block but missed and it struck his father in the

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