Sample Case Study Makayla's Situation

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For Makayla’s situation I would suggest that she stop letting her overwhelming need to use sequence control her. She needs to use it in a positive way. For instance, reading the directions on a test carefully but if you don’t know an answer just skip that question and come back to it. Also to try going out of her comfort zone and using confluence a bit more and to think outside the box she seems to be stuck in.

For John’s situation I would suggest that he try to sum things up in a shorter manner when necessary. He can still go into detail when it’s necessary like for a paper or discussion. He also needs to try to more effectively explain things so he can keep from rambling on at risk of losing or confusing the reader.

For Paul’s situation I would suggest he try to be a bit more hands on when researching or studying. He needs to just find the time to sit and critically read the information he needs to know. He needs to see that he needs structure when writing about something, which means you have to be well researched on what you are writing about. Sometimes making a set schedule for when to study/read can really help when you’re not much of a critical reader.
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He can’t just hope to “succeed by chance”; he needs to succeed by choice. He needs to schedule out a specific time that he can just sit down and study or research. He has to take the time to really read and comprehend what he’s supposed to be learning that way when it comes to writing an essay he’ll have much more to say and be able to write something of
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