Sample Conclusion About Smoking

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I. FIRST STEP: EXAMINE THE STATEMENT OF THE CONCLUSION A. State your conclusion in simple language. Sort out the type of concepts used in the conclusion (analytic, empirical, evaluative, fictitious, etc.) Conclusion: Smoking should be penalized by the government here in the Philippines because of its various negative effects in health such as lung cancer, and asthma. Effects in the environment are also observed like land pollution and also, its effects on society like encouraging the teenagers to smoke as well. B. Please define the key terms in your conclusion using the technique of analytic definition so that you can have common frame of reference. Pay close attention to what can be taken as vague or ambiguous terms. 1.” Smoking” is the inhalation of smoke coming from an encased tobacco which contains nicotine. 2.” Penalized” is the act of giving punishment. 3. “Government” is the group of people ruling a state or a nation. 4. “Health” is the state of well-being of an individual. 5. “Environment” is the place where living and non-living things live and interact with each other 6. “Land Pollution” is the type of pollution which occurs in the due to the man-made rubbish. C. Can there be agreement in the meaning (or use) of the terms? Or the very definition of the term is biased, hence controversial? The terms Smoking, Government, Health, Environment, Penalized, and Land Pollution were defined clearly thus there can be an

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