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Knowing how to prepare a good quality lesson plan is an imperative skill for any teacher, especially those teaching high school. A lesson plan is a comprehensive catalog of teaching approaches, resources, and objectives teacher needs to teach a concept. It's a teacher’s blueprint for a successful class period. Knowing what to set into a lesson plan is an extremely functional skill that teacher will need for his entire teaching career.
A lesson plan is a teacher's design for teaching a lesson. Its purpose is to sketch the ‘programme’ for a single lesson. It supports the teacher in both scheduling and implementing the lesson. It also assists the learners by safeguarding that they acquire a concrete lesson with a start, a middle and
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Digitalization has rocked the class room experience and the education system as a whole with a flood of new technologies that promise to change the way that teachers teach and students learn. Digitalization allows the teachers to engage and stimulate the students in innovative ways. It helps the students to broaden their learning. Teachers can design student-centered lessons by allowing students to take an active part in the lesson. Classroom time can be spent with students asking critical questions and engaging in creative…show more content…
Educators also recognize the importance of developing these technological skills in students. As we sail through the 21st century, technology in the classroom is becoming more and more predominant. The impact that technology has had on today’s schools has been quite significant. This widespread adoption of technology has completely changed how teachers teach and students learn. Teachers are learning how to teach with emerging technologies (tablets, iPads, Smart Boards, digital cameras, computers), while students are using advanced technology to shape how they learn. Students prefer technology because they believe that it makes learning more interesting and fun. They especially like laptops and tablets. Subjects that students deem challenging or boring can become more interesting with virtual lessons, through a video, or when using a tablet.
Technology trains students for the Future. Technology, with its resources, in the classroom would help prepare them for the digital future. These 21st century skills are indispensable in order to be flourishing in this era. Education isn’t just about memorizing facts and vocabulary words; it’s about solving complex problems and being to collaborate with others in the workforce. Ed-tech in the classroom prepares students for their future and sets them up for this increasing digital

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