Sample Nursing Admission Essay

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I experienced no moment of divine intervention, nor followed the example of a respected relative’s career, my career development decision making was based on a gradual recognition that nursing would be the perfect vocation for me. I have come to realise that nurses are faced with considerable emotional and professional demands, taking responsibility for the quality of people’s lives, which can be seen as a major challenge. I believe I am a person who welcomes, enjoys and would embrace this challenge. My main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire in making a positive difference in people’s lives. I am fascinated by all aspects of nursing and I want to go on to expand my knowledge and develop my transferable skills and ability in caring for others. Studying nursing at University will give me work-related learning and offer me…show more content…
Throughout my participation in the primary school ‘Reading Scheme’ I mentored pupils to help them gain self-esteem during their learning process in reading. I was also chosen to be a member in my schools ‘Buddy System’, whereby I was partnered with a Year 8 pupil whom I made feel welcome and safe in their new environment. I carried out work experience at Northern Health and Social Care Trust in Causeway Hospital, whereby I shadowed a qualified nurse. Throughout this learning experience I attended a variety of activities to observe differing treatments. My communication skills are paramount in this environment, speaking with patients and staff members was a large part of the experience. This learning process helped me develop my tact and patience, and appreciate that the care of the patients is the first priority of the nurses. I have also carried out work placement in a hospital that offers palliative care. I relish this opportunity as I learnt that nurses see very challenging patients and need to be not only compassionate and thorough but also comfortable with ambiguity and careful advocates for their
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