Sample Nursing Admission Research Paper

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It was not one particular person, but instead my personal experience of getting to meet and interact with different healthcare professionals that had the biggest influence on my choice of a nursing career. Whenever I have gone to a clinic or hospital and I was feeling nervous it was always the nurses that made me feel calm. I trusted them to make the best decisions for my health. If I had a question or concern, I felt more comfortable talking with the nurses more than anyone else. Experiencing the care and comfort that they provided to me made me want to do the same for others. My interest in the nursing field led me to be a volunteer at the emergency department of my local hospital where I got the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the medical environment. My experience there confirmed that nursing was the career I was going to pursue. It was there that my admiration grew even more for not only nurses but all healthcare professionals. I was inspired specifically by watching the hard work and commitment nurses put into helping patients and their families. They were always ready to tackle the next challenge of illness that came through the door while never forgetting to treat each patient as if they were a family…show more content…
My goal is to become a neonatal nurse so that I can care for babies that are sick and need additional help and assistance. I want to help infants and their families and make a difference in their lives. Just as the nurses that I was inspired by, I want to give the best possible care to every patient. I know my nursing journey will teach me many lessons and require a lot of courage and perseverance. During my nursing studies I hope to always remain persistent when I feel overwhelmed or uncertain.I want to meet every challenge as a learning opportunity because I know my end goal of becoming a nurse will so
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