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Divide the chapter, as best you can discern, into thirds. Identify the thirds by indicating the page numbers within each. Choose one quote from within each third of the chapter and record both the quote and the page number on which it was found. At the bottom of this paper identify one question you have about the information you read in this chapter.

First Third Page____163_______ to _____169_______

Page___164______ Caught my eye: “The written IEP serves as an accountability tool for teachers, parents, and school administrators as they conduct a program of learning for the student…. It becomes the blueprint for the student’s education for the current school year.”

I think looking at the IEP in this light is so incredibly important. If teachers and parents understand that it is both the “blueprint” and an accountability tool, the IEP will be more effective and meaningful. Every student deserves to have the best possible education, and the IEP helps to ensure that this happens among students with disabilities.
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I thought it did a great job of relating to the IEP and its process. The referral can be compared to the roots; it is the beginning of the growth of the IEP process. The information in the referral and the initial actions of the person receiving the referral provide nourishment, just as water and soil do to the roots. The people making the referrals provide a support that is very similar to the job of the plants, grass, and flowers often found around a tree. The trunk is the base of the tree and represents the assessment and information-gathering process, which is the base of the IEP process. The branches represent each of the specific areas that the IEP process addresses. The achievement of goals and objects is represented by the fruit of the tree. The fruit (achievements) contain seeds that fall to begin the growth process again. I think this is such a helpful way of looking at the

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