Sample Personal Statement For Student Ambassador

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I believe that the mission of a student ambassador is to promote the vision, growth and quality of University of Maryland, by optimizing the experience of current students, prospective students and special guests.
I would like to be a student ambassador primarily because I want to get more involved with the university; not to mention the positive impact it will have on my CV. I would also gain experience in public speaking, building friendships with fellow ambassadors and develop my leadership skills. Furthermore, this offers a responsibility that can be both challenging and extremely rewarding.
As a student ambassador, I will actively participate, inspiring pride in Maryland University, upholding university’s reputation and serving as liaisons between students and administration. …show more content…

From contesting for this position to getting elected and working for betterment of my house group, I gained a lot of experience and self-confidence and became more responsible. Being a vice captain, I played an important role in addressing and motivating students, advising and helping them, and earning points for my group by participating in many competitions alone or in a team. I also served as the student voice of the school to a variety of external and internal constituents. The student council served as a bridge between the students and the school heads and administration.
Similarly, I would like to serve as a resource to university administration. Having recently been through the same stages in education, current students like me are ideally placed to provide support and guidance to young people at this critical time in their education. I would love to share my stories and experiences with them and listen to and understand them. I believe that I possess many of the qualities that you are looking for in a student ambassador and I will prove to be an asset for the

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