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Persuasive Messages Suella Taylor ENG/223 June 26, 2017 Mark Savage June 22, 2017 From: To: Subject: REQUEST FOR PROMOTION Dear Mr. Wilson, I am writing to express my interest in the recently posted position on page for an Athletic Fitness Supervisor. Since I was first hired 3 years ago as the Swim Team Head Coach at the YMCA, I have been working towards my goal of transitioning into a leadership role. I have diligently observed as well as participate in duties outside my position to help prepare me for this opportunity. I have supervised in the absence of management and performed other functions of my manager to assist as needed. It has been with the help of my superiors and peers that I feel I am…show more content…
I have volunteered at a variety of sports centers, community centers, and have worked closely behind a selected view Athlethes. With some of these experiences I had the opportunity to aquire some leadership and magamnet skills. With many that I have worked with can say my personal traits are excellent for this type of position. I have received many awards for my personality. One award being the most energetic and personable employee. I have also been awarded employee of the month. Thirdly, I have been identified by management as having leadership abilities and therefore, I have participated in several management training programs. I enjoy coaching, mentoring, and helping the youth to perform at their highest level. I am reliable, honest, trustworthy, integrity, and I am very compassionate in what I do. I do understand that with a promotion come additional responsibilities and challenges that I am willing to accept. I am a very dedicated, hard working, individual who is not afraid to accept challenges. There is absolutely no doubt that I am more than capable of handling this responsibility. Being in this line of

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