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Gerardo Carvajal
Mr. Walker
English 11, Period 3
05 March 2018
Plagiarism Research Essay
Plagiarism is when a person copies another person’s work without citing evidence that they use his or her work in their essay or any assignment. It is when a person cheats of another person’s work without giving them credit for it. They use the other person’s work to get a good grade without doing the actual work. It is like when someone steals a car, fixes it up by putting new rims, doing a paint job making it look very sharp--only to have the original owner come get their car back. The act of plagiarizing is a form of cheating and mostly happens because people are too lazy to do their own work so they copy work to get a good grade. Plagiarizing is a
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They just copied everything like copy and paste. “ Direct plagiarism is the word-for-word transcription of a section of someone else’s work, without attribution and without quotation marks” (Dean of students). When someone direct plagiarized they copied everything the other person had, it would be fine if they use someone with the same ideas but they copied everything the same. Also, they copied a section word for word but they did not give them credit. It is not smart because they cheating and if caught the consequences will be harsh. This incident mostly happens when a person is lazy to do their own work. “ The deliberate plagiarism of someone else's work is unethical, academically dishonest, and grounds for disciplinary actions, including expulsion” ( Dean of student). It is a waste of time copying because the teacher will know when a person copies and that person will get caught. So do not waste time copying just do the work and it will not be a waste. It won’t benefit a person’s education when someone copies because they are not learning. People should get expelled or punish to teach them that direct plagiarism is wrong and should not be done. Each one of these examples of plagiarism all have…show more content…
“ If you are caught plagiarising, you may not only be removed from your course, but you may never be able to study for a degree again” (Plagiarism). Getting caught plagiarizing can get a student kicked out of the class, get a zero in the class and will not be able to study for a degree again. If a person had a scholarship they will lose that too because they plagiarize. “ The consequences of plagiarism could seriously endanger your academic career because your record will follow you: should you be compelled to leave your course of study, you will find it extremely difficult to obtain a place elsewhere because no college or university will want a student who has proven themselves to be dishonest and unworthy” (Plagiarism). Plagiarizing will affect a person’s career it will haunt a person for the rest of there's life. Once it happens it will stay on the record forever no college will accept a person that has plagiarism. Plagiarism has its ramifications if a person needs help the internet has many tips on how not tips

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