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Although there are a lot of anti-smoking advertisement in Singapore, there are still a lot of people smoking. People mostly ignore the advertisement because of some reasons. The purpose of this research proposal is to investigate why people smoking. Smoking is the habbit that is happened because of the addiction of nicotine inside the cigarattes. Nicotine is not the only chemicals but cigarattes have more than 7000 chemicals which 69 of them are the cause of cancer. According to NHS Direct, health will improved when the people stop smoking. Smoking caused some diseases such as lung and any other cancers, heart attack and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to National Health Survey (2010), the percentage of young adult who are smoking increases by 2 % from
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Reseach question for this research are:
1. Why people start smoking?
2. What smokers think about anti-smoking advertisement?
3. How can advertisement change people preception about smoking?
4. Why people cannot stop smoking?
5. How dangerous smoking is?
6. What can happen to the heavy smokers?
7. What is inside cigarattes which can danger people's body?
8. Which kind of advertisement can attract people attention?

Research Purpose and Audience

The topic is about How advertisement change singapore young adult's preception about smoking. This research have purpose to investigate wheter the advertisement is useful to prevent the increase in number of smokers especially for young adult. This research also means to investigate the reasons and cause people smoking. The audience will be for lecturer, young adult and smokers because this topic talks about young adult preception and also about smoking so this research can also aimed to the smokers that want to quit from smoking. Lecturer also will be the audience of this research because this research will be marked and read by

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