Sample Student Discipline Investigation

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A discipline investigation essay allows students investigate professionals and discover the discourse community in their career field. In the interview, students can learn about the specific details in their profession. They also have an opportunity to communicate with professionals. This is my first discipline investigation. I am looking forward to investigate professional and understand deeply in their workplace. My instructor, my classmates, and other faculty members on the 100A committee are my audiences of this essay. According to 100A reader, a discourse community is any group of people who form a community (a family, a neighborhood, colleagues, and practitioners of a particular profession. They establish and achieve the set of public goals with using the same type of language. My major is communicative disorder and science which is under education department. I am look forward to join the speech pathology community in the future. The speech pathology community plays important role in speech therapy which is focusing on diagnosis, treatment and management, and…show more content…
Her name is Candy, and she is working in Mimi learning. Mimi learning is a private school which services with child and special needs child. The school provides English, Spanish and Chinese classes on weekday. It also provides the speech pathology. The philosophy is to provide an excellent environment to children. The program emphasis social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. By doing this interview, I can know more about Candy’s background, reasonability, and educational value in her professional career path. She shares her experiences and difficulties when she starts her work. She also provides information about create curriculum, activity, and interact with family. I believe that my interview will provide a valuable information about the speech pathology community and will helpful for students in speech and language
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