Trio Bag

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Value Proposition
Our value proposition that our customer value the most is by providing classic and multi-purpose bags. Our main product is the trio bag. The problems that it solved by our target market is facing are having a small capacity and limited pockets in their bags. Our trio bag has the solution for it because of its three pouches it will now have a larger capacity and it has pockets inside that will help women to organize their things easily. Our bag is multi-purpose because it can be convertible from sling bag to a clutch and it has a classic design that will complement every style of our target market.
Customer Segment
Our target market is Female between the ages of 15-24 years old that is teenagers
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Through bazaars we deliver our value proposition on the spot to the customer, which is classic and multi-purpose bags, also we incur a lot more cost because of the rent. In social media they can view our products and order online anytime they want at their most convenient time so they prefer most this channel, they can also evaluate our bags through the reviews of other customers who already bought our bag, and this is the most cost efficient because there’s no rent in selling online. In direct selling we sell to our friends on the spot this is the channel that we won’t frequently use because it is difficult to arrange the time of meet…show more content…
Online selling will benefit the customers to buy our product in a convenient way. Proper storage of bags will keep our bags safe.
Key resources
The storage space will serve as a resource for our products because this is where we will keep the bags for safety. The equipment like tables, chairs, racks and storage box are the resource for our bazaars because we will need these for displaying the products. Facebook and Instagram are the resources for our online selling we will post, promote, and inform our customer through these two social media. Calling cards, flyers, and tarpaulin are the resources for our promotion, we will be needing these to reach out to our customers.
Cost structure
Raw Materials, labor, rent in bazaars, and prototype of bags are the most important costs in our business model canvas because our price and the profitability of our business depends on it, and the continuous prototype will help us to improve our product. The most expensive resource is the equipment that will be used in bazaar the chairs, tables, racks, and storage box. The most expensive key activity is promotion in bazaars because we need to constantly give flyers, and calling cards to reach out to our
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