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Less than 200 years ago, Charles Darwin formed the theory of evolution by natural selection, stating that the world is a survival of the fittest where the strong rule and the weak die. Although this theory is used in the biological sense to explain how organisms of today came to be, this theory can also be used to explain the society that we see in the modern world. More often than not, those who are deemed successful are either smart, good looking, athletic, or have other, similar, desired traits. The less fortunate are deemed weak and don’t enjoy benefits to the same degree as the successful such as respect from peers or a higher paying job. For high schoolers, this social reality is equally as real as it is for adults and the most evident examples could be found in high school sport teams.…show more content…
Instead, he starts off as a scared and nervous kid who could barely hold himself to go to practice. Royce can be seen thinking “I was scared shitless when I first came out, and not of the coaches. Like all freshmen, I was shipped over to JV, Team White, and I was so nervous the first day I had the shits for thirty minutes and was late for my first real practice. I was in the stall bent over and miserable and thinking, No way you can compete at this level. I had my chin on my knees. In tiny letters at the bottom of the door, someone had scratched shit shit shit.” From this, it’s apparent that Royce was nervous and a complete mess, if it were anyone else, most people would’ve quit from the break down on the first day alone. However, no one gets better by quitting on the first step. While some people may be born naturally strong, Royce knows his faults and improves himself to climb up the social
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