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Research topic:
1. Introduction Procrastination can be declared as a major problem in student life. It is a normal phenomenon among them The Study of Relationship between Procrastination in Assignment among KPTM KL Students and Their Academic Performances.
. No matter where and when, procrastination is occur to all students in this world. It was a common illusion behind tomorrow look and procrastinator will excuse themselves they will do the task tomorrow and repeat it again when the tomorrow is come.
University students significantly were a procrastinator. Ozer and Sackes (2010), stated that procrastination has become fear of failure incorporates concerns about meeting other people’s expectation, about meetings perfectionist standards, and
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In a way to evaluate the procrastination among students, self-assessment will be used in questionnaire to determine severity of their procrastination. Besides that, there are only few researchers that do research on procrastination and it difficult to find reference that can give some guide. This can effect on validity and reliability of the result.
1.6.2 As procrastination always causes great stress and last minute works, so it decreased the motivation in study. Not enough time and always busy with other works also is the limitations on this study. Thus, in handling this research must need good time management to ensure all the progress is running smoothly. A good time is important to produce a good report.
1.6.3 The inaccurate significant data that collected after data collection will make the analysis unreliable and the result outcome is poor. This will mutilate the result of the findings and hard to me to carry on this research. So, to make the questionnaire is answered properly and get a data, I need to monitor while questionnaire is answered by target users. While they are answering the questionnaire, I will guide and giving some explanation if they are not well understood about the
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His study examined the influence of perfectionist personality traits on predicting academic procrastination and life satisfaction of university students. Analysis results showed that academic procrastination and life satisfaction of students were predicted by self-oriented perfectionist personality trait. In contrast, it was concluded that other oriented and socially-prescribed perfectionism traits did not predict academic procrastination and life satisfaction of teacher candidates. The finding obtained from this study indicating that there is a negative correlation between the self-oriented perfectionist personality traits. Another finding obtained from this study is that no relationship was found between other-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism, which are other dimensions of perfectionist personality trait, and academic

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