Sam's Room In Jubilee Boarding House

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Within the sanctuary of Sam’s room in the Jubilee Boarding House, Hally escapes from all the punishing and victimizing realities of the outside world. Hally would escape into Sam’s room, which he did quite often as he even remembered how “he could still find the door with his eyes closed” (25). He also tells Sam that he “spent more time in there with you chaps than anywhere else”(25). If it hadn’t been for this sanctuary from the outside world, Hally assumes that he “would have been the first certified ten-year-old in medical history” (25). So, without Sam’s comfort he would have gone insane. Once, Hally hid “away in [Sam’s] room when [his] mother was looking for [him]” (25). Hally was hiding from reality in the peaceful realm of Sam’s room…show more content…
George 's Tea room, reality always destroys Hally 's hope, ultimately wrecking his imagination and taking him out of Sam’s protective realm. Hally “oscillate[s] between hope and despair” (15), the hope being Sam’s sanctuary and despair being reality for Hally. After experiencing the miracle of flying that kite, Hally returns back to despair, or reality’s poisonous realm, as he has “no self pity” (32) when he realizes that there won’t be a chance “of flying a kite” (31) again, especially not with his crippled dad. Hally has no hope in himself in this poisonous realm as he already has accepted himself as a failure. He knows that “when you’re enjoying yourself, someone or something will come along and wreck everything” (47). So, Hally has no hope to think his happiness will even last under any circumstance. When talking about ballroom dancing, Hally’s sanctuary with Sam is broken by a call from his mother about bringing his dad home, which brings Hally “back to reality” (47). Immediately after the call, Sam tries to comfort Hally but Hally tells him “to mind [his] own business” (49). Hally pushes Sam’s attempt to bring Hally back into his world away. Then, Hally tears up the piece of paper that he was writing the essay on, to show Sam he doesn’t want to go back to how they were talking about the world with hope, because Hally thinks it 's all “just so much bullshit” (50). “Life’s a fuck up and it’s never going to change” (50) is Hally’s new mindset in this poisonous realm outside of Sam’s sanctuary. Hally loses all hope and pushes Sam away, the one man who could help bring him to “safety”, and he starts using his imagination wrongly in order to smite Sam. Hally says they should use their “imaginations sensibly” (51), but they way Hally is now using his imagination is cynically, as he is talking of crippled people dancing like broken spiders and instead of a trophy there is a
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