Samsung And Apple: The Case Of Samsung Vs. Apple

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The first cell phone call was made on April 19, 1973 by Motorola employee Martin Cooper, since every year cell phones have gotten more advance and better as times. When the cell phone was first manufactured I don’t think Martin Cooper, had in mind what wild, astounding, idea he had brought to the light, and how much the cell phone would evolve over the years. The two powerhouse companies responsible for most of the cell phones that are circulating in the world Samsung & Apple, these two companies history don’t date back that far, but they have sued, clashed, and tried to outsmart each other numerous amount of time. Over the years of the Samsung vs Apple Battle they have sued each other for an amount of money over a billion dollars, and lawsuits stretching across four different continents just to keep company safe, and free of copycats. The two backgrounds of the company are very different and started during different periods of time, Samsung which was originally called Sang hoe was founded in 1938 by a big landowning family by the name of Lee Byung-chull, and apple started in 1971. Samsung they started as a small trading company with forty some employees it was originally located in Su-Dong, they mainly dealt with groceries being produced in and around the city, they even produced their own noodles. This company seemed to have good beginning, selling groceries and having their own home made noodles. It was when in the 1960’s Samsung shifted their vision towards the

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