Samsung And Pest Analysis: Pestle Analysis Of Samsung

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Samsung has the broadest range of products which includes phones, TV, Camera, tablets, printer and other accessories. It is the largest manufacturer. Samsung has a motivating research and design abilities. Samsung covers up headship position by the capability of sales in the global market. Samsung is the first one to introduce mobile phones and also has the world’s largest market share. Samsung was the first ne to introduce double Sim mobiles. In the past three years the value of Samsung brand improved 80%.

Samsung does not have its own software and operating system. Due to the absence of Samsung own software and OS, it gives a bad impact on the customer loyalty. In the future, the demand for LCD panels seemed to be
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It has one of the great competition with Apple. Samsung has not been able to overcome Apple’s reputation for reliability. The Google Android operating system, which Galaxy devices depend upon, is not as popular with average people as iOS is. It also has threat from Chinese products.

Pestle analysis:
Pestle analysis is referred as pest analysis. It is a concept in marketing principles. It is a tool used by the organizations to track the atmosphere they are trying to operate or plan to launch any new service, project and product etc.
In pestle analysis p denotes for political, e for economic, s for social, t for technology, l for legal and e for environmental. All the features of this technique are critical for any industry a business might be in.

These components decide the degree to which a government may impact the economy or a specific industry, bureaucracy, tax policy etc. these factors have a great impact on the growth of the business. Political factors include fiscal policy etc.
Example: a government can execute a new tax due to which all the revenue generating structures of administrations might change.
Samsung can be said to be operating in markets where the political factors are
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These variables include every one of those that impact or are controlled by the encompassing environment. This part of the PESTLE is pivotal for specific businesses especially. Factors of the environmental analysis include climate, environmental offsets etc.
Example: farming, agriculture etc
Samsung has to be conscious of the need to make its products to satisfy the ethical elegant consumer.

e) Explain the meaning and importance of stakeholder analysis in relation to Samsung.
Stakeholder analysis:
Stakeholder refers to as managerial step taken to identify each stakeholder 's level of interest or involvement in a given project and how that involvement can influence the project. Based on this analysis, project managers may alter how a project will be executed or decide the necessary steps that must be taken in order to limit a stakeholder 's influence over the project. (, 2016)

There are eight steps in the process:
1. Scheduling the process
2. Selecting a policy
3. Classifying key stakeholders
4. Adapting the tools
5. Recording the information
6. Filling in the stakeholder table
7. Examining the stakeholder table
8. Using the

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