Samsung Business Objectives

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P1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen project topic.
Project name: How digital technology has transformed business activities
Project Aim: To improve Samsung’s sales by 45% using digital technology
Technology these days have dramatic impact on business model and activities. Using digital technology in business helps to have more opportunities. This allows business to innovate new products and make new profits.
About Samsung
This report will contain information about the impact of digital technology on business activity. Samsung is a multinational technology company founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul, headquartered in Samsung Town in Seoul, South-Korea. In late 1960s, Samsung generated electronics-related divisions
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Right now, they are in tough competition with Apple. Another aim of Samsung is to become the world’s top 10 enterprises by 2020 in creative innovation (, 2018). Another aim of Samsung would be to improve their customers’ experience so that more and more customer comes to buy their products.
The objective for Samsung would be to promote their company and products all over the world and their products should be long-lasting, well-made and useful to customers so that they can make profit out of it. In present, they are making powerful smartphones and increasing their customers (, 2018). Other objectives for Samsung would be gaining leadership position within the industry. Manufacturing new high-quality products is also their aim as well as objectives. Due to manufacturing variety of products, Samsung has gained its customers’ trust in terms of brand loyalty (,
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Therefore, the plan should include positive and negative impacts of events so that they can figure out how to limit the risks (, 2018). These can be done by:
 Planning risk management
 Identifying risks
 Performing qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
 Planning risk responses
 Monitoring and controlling risks (, 2018)
• Resources: this identifies the resources that are required to plan the project and making it. The resource includes the roles and responsibilities, mandatory skills and commitment required for staffs (, 2018). This has 4 processes:
 Developing the plan
 Gathering the team
 Developing the team
 Managing the team (, 2018).
Project Title: How digital technology has transformed business activities
Project Aim To improve Samsung’s sales by 45% using mobile application
Client Name Samsung
Cost Cost of design of Application: £10,000
Cost of Application Operations: £500
Cost of Training: £200
Logistics: £400
Team welfare:

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