Samsung Buying Behavior

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1. ‘USP (unique selling proposition); is a feature of a product that makes it different/unique from other product.
Samsung is an electronic company situated in South Korea with its H/Q at Suwon; some of their products include the smartphones, tablets, and household appliances. But ill like to focus on the smartphones, Some of the major USP of Samsung includes; I.) Advanced technology with motion sensors
II.) It’s relatively cheap compared to its competitors
III.) they organize lot of promotions for any new product (answers, n.d.)

My T/o is Samsung; most people use Samsung because
1. It has large screen and has a longer durability, which relates to technology and the product itself because it’s often times cheap compared to other
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Factors that affect buyer behavior include;
• Cultural
• Social
• Personal
• Psychological
(armstrong, n.d.) .

The two major factors that can influence buying decision is social/Reference groups and Personal/economic situation.

Reference groups can influence buying decision in way that if one peer is using the same product or if someone tells you about the product there is a high tendency of you buying the same product.

Economic situation; since Samsung products are relatively cheap compared to other competitors. People would want to buy it in other save money.
(udel, n.d.)

4. There are majorly two types of market research;
• Primary research; it includes focus groups, interviews, observations, surveys, experimental
• Secondary Research; this are data that are already existing like, company financial report, census report.
(mymarketresearchmethods, n.d.)

a. According to ‘The Economist’ Nigeria’s economy has grown overnight surpassing South Africa as the biggest economy in Africa. Nigeria economy is worth $510 billion while South Africa is worth $370billion. The addition of other sectors of our economy like the Telecoms, banking and entertainment industry boosted our worth. Nigeria economy grows at an average rate of 7% yearly. Investors are pouring in to invest in Africa especially
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• Leading innovator in mobile devices
• Good Advertisement and Marketing. Weakness
• Prices of product are high
• Changes in management
• High demand of products like the smart phone and tablets.
• High number of users of the smartphone and tablet Threats
• Strong dollar
(jurevicius, 2013)

Samsung S.W.O.T analysis
• Low production cost, which increases profit. Weakness
• Lacks it s own software
• Focuses on variety of products
• Growing demand of smartphone in China
• Growth of the tablet market Threats
• Price wars
• The launch of Apple Itv
(jurevicius, 2013)

In conclusion Apple threat is with the price of their products Samsung can capitalize on that and produce more of their product in the way apple does in order to penetrate into the US market and the rest of the world.

7. The three methods of research include;
• Desk research consists of one searching for existing resources with the use of Internet, journals published by the press, statistical reports (pMR, n.d.)
• Secondary sources are full written account after an event occurred providing second hand detailed information about the event, person or Topic.
• Expert

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