Samsung Company Case Study

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Company Background
Most people in this vast land are now working so much in the technology industry and have become an essential part of their daily lives in the world. Many companies operating in this field manufacture many products or many kinds of technological industries such as: TV screens, mobile phones, washing machines and printers. It is one of the strongest industries in the world.
Although the number of industrial companies in technology has increased, Samsung surpassed this industrial category where it broke the index and marked in the big profit achieved by Samsung is known as "three stars" and now has turned into a very powerful electronic industry in the world. Lee Poyang founded Samsung Company on Jan. 3, 1938 in South Korea
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(Strength point)This point helps the company to gain many opportunities and face problems that threaten the company.Samsung strives to develop its products annually until it gets an excellent reputation for consumers in the market and the credibility and passion of staff for their work and diligence significantly helped to produce a product desirable in the market heavily.

(Weakness point) that the lack of mental strength will lead to weaknesses this is important in helping the company to improve the problem and set goals in points that need to develop and improve performance where the price of products compared with competitors. Example whenever a new electronic product has high quality and different features the price will be expensive and the rich layer is the one you will use the products.
(Opportunities) exploit the strengths of the company will increase their chances; it is natural that the company has a lot of competitors. The company will continue to analyze opportunities for success, growth and development. So the company took advantage of the opportunity and produced new and sophisticated electronics according to the needs and desires of consumers. Samsung spends a lot of money to gain fame and strong growth in commercials. The company diversifies a range of advertising either by offering promotions or through websites and also developing its products to win more
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(Political) affect the situation of countries with political and potential problems and political pressures that affect all companies in the state until the failure of marketing or services and cancel the product or postpone production to other appropriate conditions. For example, Samsung refused to interfere in political activities and did not use their funds or workers for political purposes.

(Social) depends on knowing the social standards before starting to prepare a product or service provided by Samsung in line with fashion For example, the company has designed a mobile phone and has a front camera for easy talking to someone else via video while calling some countries to ban these Phones and software according to their customs and traditions that do not allow it.

(Economic) depends on the competitiveness of the market, which determines the amount of profit to be achieved by the company and the success or failure of projects. Because large companies have very strong defensive plans to help them boycott offensive and Republican media. As a result of the population explosion, natural resources were reduced, Korea 's orientation towards

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