Samsung Comparative Strategy

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Strategists concern about how to deal with futuristic cases of the business in the light of logic; this can be performed through a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects that require decision making. They tend to depend on both logic and rationality when they formulate the strategy of the business. During the latter half of the 20th century, with the lack of threatening market challenges, large scale business like Samsung found it appropriate to take firm and constant decisions that were for the sake of the business success. Samsung benefited from the demand stability for certain products, in taking the decision to formulate strong strategies that have for objective to raise profits and reduce costs. (Management control systems, 1984)
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Decision makers in the company who adopted this theory focused and concern in achieving survival through performance enhancement. To reach the goal of survival, Samsung tend to distribute its activity in different areas by opening and establishing more branches all over the world while differentiating the current products or services. External investments also can be the appropriate decision that Decision makers can take to achieve the goal of survival. This way can enhance the Samsung position among other competitors in the market. Samsung offer different services and products in the market, like LCD and Plasma TVs, DVD player, and Home theater…show more content…
It follows product and services updating strategy by launching new products and services over and over. This helps Samsung to maintain its trademark and achieve the objective of survival. Samsung faces strong competitors who shape a sort of threat for itself in the market; other companies like Apple, Sonny and other similar companies. To deal with these threats, Samsung innovated its current products and make new mobile phones with the most features while keeping the price a it lower than other competing products. Samsung tends to face greater competition by offering real benefits to consumers by initiating new products and lunched several hybrid products that can keep their current customers’ loyalty while attracting new potential customers to try the new products. Samsung company offers New TV sets and home theaters with new features, the strategy of Samsung focuses on achieving company survival within an extremely competing market. Samsung vision was to “lead the digital convergence revolution”, and design was to be a significant contributor to achieve this (Refer Exhibit VII for photographs of some convergence products from
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