Samsung Culture Analysis

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Good afternoon everyone, today I want to talk about Samsung company, first, we talk about Samsung Culture. Samsung Electronics Co. is Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Samsung Group (South Korea) .Samsung Group is South Koreas largest company and exporter and the 5th largest transnational corporation in the world.Samsung was Founded in 1936 and byung chull lee is the Founder of it and entered Indian Market in the year 1995 and Samsung Brand shop network complements the over 8500 retail points for Samsung products located across the length and breadth of the country. The Chairman of Samsung is Lee Kun Hee and headquarters is in Seoul in South Korea. Samsung Ltd., operates in more than 63 countries and the chief subsidiary of South Korea 's giant…show more content…
And then, Maintained No.1 position in the global TV market for 10 consecutive years.

Next, we talk about Samsung organization structure, we can see this o chart is functional, indicate common professional or other expertise, but Samsung is a large company, must have the subsidiary or branch office. So Samsung is a matrix exactly.

Now, on the market have a lot of style smartphone, So let me talk about Samsung competitor.

Samsung competitor has Apple, Sony, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola. And that is Hong Kong basic style smartphone only. And then Apple is the biggest competitor for Samsung. Why is Apple the biggest competitor for Samsung? So let me watch about Apple organization structure.

We can see Apple organization structure is a matrix, but Apple design shape only, on the phone other aspect is outsourced to the different company. So Apple is a Networks actually.

any company have Vision, Mission and Goal, Samsung is not the exception.

Samsung Vision is ' ' inspire the world, create the future '
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The business executives anticipated that through sponsoring special and worldwide events and by means of embracing different marketing methods as well as investments, the product of value of the company would be improved. Because of this the value of the product of the Company escalated by almost 200 percent

The different measures obtain by the company didn’t go in waste because Samsung was listed amidst the topmost products, the product being evaluated by the Interbrand Incorporation. Among the non Japanese products, Samsung Company was the only company from Asia.

Adding other accomplishments was when Samsung rank #34 in the 100 best companies all over the world. This listing was again conducted by Interbrand incorporation. thus visible Samsung is successful in the Branding.

Interbrand publishes the Best Global Brands report on an annual basis. The report identifies the world’s 100 most valuable brands. Interbrand’s methodology is also the first of its kind to be ISO certified. To develop the report, Interbrand examines three key aspects that contribute to a brand 's value The financial performance of the branded products or service
The role the brand plays in influencing

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