Samsung Electronics Case Study

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Samsung is a well-known name in electronics. If you take a look around your home you might find that you already own one or more of their products. When I began my search for information on this company I found that there was a considerable amount of information that I never knew. Samsung has transitioned over the years to become what it is today. Starting as a small company it has blossomed in to a multimillion dollar corporation. In this essay I will discuss many factors that played a huge role in the making of this successful company. Samsung began as a food exporter in Korea. Surprising you might say since today it is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics. When in the food exporting business they delivered products such as fish…show more content…
Two bloggers from India were contracted by Samsung to report on a mobile show they were hosting. All expenses paid round trips were given to them both. When the bloggers arrived, they were told that they must wear a Samsung uniform and work a booth exhibiting new smartphones. When they refused they were told that they were to pay for their hotel stay and their airfare had been cancelled. Nokia intervened and paid for transporting the bloggers back to India. Likewise, another ethical issue involved a woman that won a supposed all paid vacation to the Olympics. She was told that she won an all paid vacation but upon her arrival she learned that she was there to develop advertisements as well as promotional videos for the company. She was unable to attend the Olympics like she was lead to believe. I feel that Samsung made grave mistakes when it came to these two occurrences. Nonetheless, I feel that Samsung is still one of the top companies that house a number of good…show more content…
These are only a few of many positive characteristics that Samsung values. In the ever changing market of technology, these characteristics help to set the bar for their competition in similar fields. I believe by offering incentives and motivation, Samsung has remained resilient in paving the way for new technology. Their philosophy along with their characteristics offers the employees a clear grasp for their projected futures as well as the future of the company. I believe that if these values are upheld by each of its workers in years to come, Samsung will reshape technology as we know it as they have in the

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