Samsung Electronics Company Case Study Summary

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CASE WRITE UP: “Samsung Electronics Company: Global Marketing Operations”
Prepared by: Emilio Ramirez Zuñiga 000126489, Oct 2015


In 2000 Eric Kim became head of marketing in SEC. He had a different approach for the marketing strategy. In order o achieve the success he was aiming for, be de 1st in the buisnessweek magazine ranking, they should become a strong, unique and owned brand with great differentiation from the competitors.
It wasn’t easy because the strategy and culture they used to have was different and some managers weren’t comfortable with the changes. After 4 years of Eric being in charge of the global marketing operations Samsung has improve in their corporate marketing program and was now in the 25th place of
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They have understood the importance of the brand elevation, the costumers relations and the marketing campaigns. The growth they are having is the result of investing great amounts of money in future projects and in the long run programs such as consumer relations, R&D and marketing understandings. An other point is the vertical integration they have achieve and the facility they have to adapt and launch a prototype, which help them to reach EOS and have competitive advantage over Sony that doesn’t produce all of their…show more content…
One of the most important caricaturists of Samsung products in my opinion is that the consumer can personalize the product in order to achieve their needs, in the other hand, Apple a competitor is “one-to-all product”.


Samsung can have some strategic alliances with local partners in order to understand the regional tastes and after they have understand the know-how of the region, thy might be able to buy the regional company in order to take advantage of the EOS he can achieve by themselves.

Samsung might be interested in have different agencies if the distance between cultures are big, and not e only with one agency, like he is doing now, this in order to achieve a more deep understanding of the market and develop products that fit the market.

One of the most important products from Sony, the principal competitor, are the videogames and consoles, such as FIFA and Play station. Samsung is not investing or have a product in this category, it might be an important and interest invest they can do in order to compete and take a part of the share of ths product
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