Samsung Galaxy S8 Research Paper

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Although we may have raved about the flagship phone for a while now, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws.

To be fair, the Samsung Galaxy S8 earning rave reviews is one that’s well deserved. It isn’t everyday you get a phone that offers outstanding performance without compromising in the design department, after all. And the immersive Infinity Display? It keeps turning heads even as we speak.

While Samsung’s latest handset continues to impress, some users have reported issues concerning the phone. Luckily, Samsung hasn’t wasted any time addressing such problems through its Premium Care service (in partnership with HelloTech and Dish).

A few of the problems users have encountered on the S8 can be fixed with a little tweak, fortunately.
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Remember your immediate goal after dropping your device in water is to dry it off (completely, if possible). While you’re at it, try not to use the speakers for an hour or two. Most users who have encountered a similar issue notice an improvement in terms of the S8’s audio after letting their smartphone dry out.

Limited Aspect Ratio

As massive as the Galaxy S8’s screen is, it comes with an unconventional aspect ratio of 18.5:9. Sure, everything looks bigger on the phone. Most apps, however, are designed to display on screens with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s why owners see slim black bars on either side of the screen when viewing an app in landscape mode.

Quick Fix: Swipe up from the home screen to open your Settings app. Look for the Display menu option, tap it, and scroll down. You should see the Full Screen Apps option, where you’ll see a list of apps you can automatically stretch to full screen. Select the ones you want to be viewed in that setting.

In case professional intervention is necessary to fix your beloved Samsung Galaxy S8, make use of the tech giant’s Premium Care service—that is if you’re in the U.S. The service even includes an in-person setup so you can be taught of the phone’s many, powerful features and be sure they’re all running just

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