Samsung Global Strategy Essay

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Costa Rica, has few people willing to pay a high price for the good, despite its low tariffs, Samsung is likely to increase its operations in another country. For instance, in the UK, despite high tariffs, consumers are willing to pay (Carter, S., and Jones-Evans, D, 2012). Before this, the strategic managers do carry out a cost/benefits examination to determine which country possesses a higher profit potential. Through these analyses, Samsung managers incorporate global strategy into strategic management.
Internationalization refers to the involvement in international operations that relate to activities such as technology transfer, foreign trade, information flow and data, capital flows, Foreign Direct Investment, mergers, acquisitions, among others (Brookes, I., Weatherston, J. and Wilkinson,
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To remain relevant and competitive, Samsung has sought constant improvement in its products, production processes, service rendering, and strategies (Radjou, N., Prabhu, J., & Ahuja, S, 2012). In this era of digital economies, innovation trends have increased in their demand and importance more than companies have. To survive and thrive in such conditions, Samsung has sought new markets and building options to compete with the more prepared global player. As a multinational corporation, Samsung is among main actors who have assumed the role of producers and multipliers of technological awareness. This has enabled these top players put into practice and dictate the direction of technological advancements in different industries (Radjou, N., Prabhu, J., & Ahuja, S, 2012). For Samsung to expand its markets and increase its financial returns, a search for international markets has become the primary concern. This has also assisted them to dominate international networks, acquire relevant knowledge, increase competitiveness, and hence survive (Storey, D.J., and Greene, F.J,

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