Samsung Ic Strategy Essay

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Table of Contents
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1 Situational Analysis
1.1 Industry Analysis
1.2 User Profile
1.3 Buyer Decision Process
1.4 Company Analysis
1.5 Product and Price
2 IMC Plan
2.1 Target Market
2.2 Objectives
2.3 Creative Recommendations
2.4 Media Recommendations
2.5 Trade Oriented Sales Promotion
2.6 Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion
2.7 Flowchart
3 Measurement and Evaluation
4 Conclusion References Exhibit 1 Samsung SWOT Exhibit 2 Samsung Taglines

Executive Summary

This report is about IMC individual project for MBA FT programme in Nirma University. The topic is Design of IMC programme to launch Samsung Galaxy Round in India. Target audience is upper class, age 18-50, metropolitan
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Cost: Price should be according to the perceived value else consumers won’t buy this phone.

1.4 Company Analysis
Samsung is market leader in Indian smart phone Market. Details already stated above in pie chart.
Brand positioning is a very important aspect to Samsung’s advertisement. They are showcasing the innovative technology. Samsung sends a certain message to prospective buyers highlighting features that other companies such as Apple are just beginning to implement. Samsung has perceptually
“Category Development Index (CDI) measures the sales performance of a category of goods or services within a specific group, compared with its average performance among all consumers.
Brand Development Index (BDI) quantifies how well a brand performs within a specific group of customers, compared with its average performance among all customers. That is, it measures the relative sales strength of a brand within a specific market.”
CGI is expected to be high as more people use phone in urban areas in comparison to rural. BDI is also expected to be favorable as brands like Micromax and Karbon are popular in rural. Target Customer all adults from 20 to 50 who are ready to pay premium price for one of the best touch phone
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2.3 Creative Recommendations

Advertising Objectives:

o Trial: People should come to store and try the experience of phone. o Brand Switch: iPhone has become BMW of smartphones, Galaxy round should become Audi.

Message Strategy:

USP of Phone is curved screen.
Message is to show it as futuristic phone. Positioning statement: “To position Galaxy Round among smartphones users of Urban India as a futuristic innovative phone because it has high specifications and curved screen for better experience.”
It will affect “sensory” section of Transformational as phone gives pleasurable experience.
Message Appeal: “Touch the Tomorrow”
Rationale: The curved screen gives unique experience both in terms of view and touch. Also it is a style statement as it is relatively new technology and rare.



He can’t feel the touch. You can.

Brand Promise “Turn on Tomorrow” goes with the “Touch the Tomorrow” of the phone.
Script of Video: A sad robot somewhere in future. Immortal but not alive. Not happy because he can’t feel. Though better in every aspect from humans can’t enjoy touch of babies, flowers, rain or new Samsung
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