Case Study: Samsung

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The aim of this research project is to investigate the phenomena for the exploding battery of Samsung. This study includes a SWOT analysis, a discussion of the smart phone manufacturing industry and the Samsung corporation itself. The study concludes with some recommendations that might help and improve some gaps that faced by Samsung.
Industry Background
Smartphone industry is growing rapidity of technological progression, Smartphones have enhanced the vital elements of our regular day's performance. As it seems for the convenience, ease, and flexibility to communicate with the outside world, the whole world enrolls into a new form of technological performance, our requirements become more modern and sophisticated. (Smartphone
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Lee began a little bit small trading firm with a $ 2,000 and 40 employees. The company consists of two main sectors and is known as multi-sector targeting. It focused on the upper middle professional class. Its secondary goal targeted the postgraduate and high school students who need and use the mobile phones including medium-sized and income companies.
Samsung stated the second stage in smartphone company, shipments, market share and preliminary data. In 2016, Samsung company attained 77.5 million of the shipment volume, furthermore it has been noticed that18.0% represented the market share of the organization. Comparing that to the followed year, the shipment volume of the company was 74.1milion, while the market share reached 18.4%. If we are going to figure out the change between 2016-2017 we can say that -4.4% represent the performance of the company within these two
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Brand loyalty
Samsung continues to dominate the market with its high sales and market share, while the loyalty of Apple's dealers is excellent regarding brand and high quality with new and innovative features. In 2015, Samsung's stake fell more than 3% from 24.8% to 21.4%, compared to Apple's 11.6% to 13.9%.
2. Condensation of Generic competition due to the slowdown industry
The Competition for competing companies in the same sector and industry poses a severe risk, forcing them to replace their products with relatively cheaper and inexpensive devices but with similar features to the products offered. In India, Micromax has achieved a leading position as a mobile phone company and has affected Samsung's position and acquired nearly 17% of the market share compared with Samsung, which is a stable company in the global market, which is only 14%.
3. Reputation and reliability
Apple has become the dominant brand in most of the smartphone and Tablet PC markets, such as the United States, but Samsung has not been able to counter Apple's reliability, reputation and customer demand for its product.
4. Difficulties in

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