Samsung Literature Analysis

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1 Introduction 3 2 Review of literature 5-7 3 Result and data analysis 9-11 4 Methodology 13 5 Conclusion 15-16 6 Reference 18 7 Appendix 20 Samsung is a famous brand in different countries in the world, and it is specialized in electronic devices production, such as, televisions, cell-phones, ACS, fridges and games. Most people use these devices from Samsung company because the price is good and it is a high- quality product. "Samsung started in 1938as a small business by Chairman Byng Churl lee. After 70 years, Samsung became a global company. In 1909 Samsung became an electronics Company at slow cost manufacture. It manufactured only black and white television. Its head office is in Delhi and…show more content…
Some people like Samsung Company, but the others do not like it. There are many opinions in Samsung Company. As Vikram Reddy say that Samsung devices are very helpful. He purchased many Samsung products. He is very satisfied with those products. Moreover, he said “Samsung device has wonderful service”. Also, he is satisfied about customers support in this company. Vikram Reddy .http:\\ A lot of people like Ahmed and Suliman prefer Samsung items. They work in Sultan Qaboos University. They always purchase from Samsung products. They are very satisfied with this company. Ahmed and Suliman.SQU On the other hand, Gopal Nagar said that some Samsung products are not good because they don't work property .He purchased Galaxy S5 active but one of the buttons didn't work and the battery is wet. He is dissatisfied about this product. In addition, he purchased Air Conditioner but it was not good. Gopal Nagar . http:\\ However, my brother works in PDO Company. He does not likes Samsung products .He like Panasonic products more than Samsung. In addition, he purchased all his home items from Panasonic Company. Ali ALhasani. PDO…show more content…
In my opinion, Samsung Company has good products. I purchased many items from this company. For example, Air Conditioner, Phone, fridge and TV screen. Moreover, I like Samsung services and their customer support. This paragraph shows the different brand names that people like in percentage. As we can see from the chart 40% of people prefer Samsung brand. Moreover 30% of people prefer Apple brand. However, the percentage of people who prefer Sony brand is very compared to the others. The least percentage represents people who prefer Nokia brand. Overall, Samsung is the most preferred brand whereas Nokia is the least preferred one. This chart shows the Samsung smart phone that people like the best in percentage .In fact, there are 50% of people who like S4 smart phone. Forty percent of people prefer to own Galaxy Note. Only 20% of people think that Galaxy Grand is the best Samsung Smart phone. In conclusion, people have different opinions regarding their best Samsung smart

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