Samsung Manufacturing Strategy: Process Strategies

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Process Strategies
The process strategies, for such a large manufacturing company, would need to be varied. The production process type would be determined by the product life cycle stage at that time (Thayer 2004).Product life cycles for items such as smartphones and tablets do not generally follow the standard life cycle stages. The maturity stage can be interrupted by discontinuation or irrelevance of a technology, which recommences the cycle (Giachetti & Marchi 2010). Incidentally, during the product life cycle of these items, a cyclic improvement of both process and product is required to stay in contact with market changes. New technologies in functionality and manufacturing processes are required to stay ahead of an ever changing market
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In Figure 2 based on Hayes and Wheelwright’s model (cited in Salemi 2004) the variety of product-process mixes available to Samsung is extensive, a sample of products are represented. As Samsung has 38 manufacturing facilities that are all interlinked with MES and PLT, providing rapid response to changes, they can adopt a variety of positions, throughout the diagonal of the matrix. The positions will depend on where the product or component is in its life cycle. The other consideration is that Samsung’s position as a supplier of essential components, to competitors, allows it some control over market…show more content…
Redesign is less frequent stabilising forecasting.
This report focused on Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. is a major supplier of cutting edge electronic components and devices. The key product streams of consumer electronics, IT & mobile communications and device solutions were identified. Particularly, the reports focus was placed on consumer electronics and related component manufacture.
The main value adding processes for these product streams were determined to be firstly, innovation through research and development through investment in SAIT and R&D centres worldwide. Secondly, customer service which is enhanced by providing multi-platform service options and consumer focused development through feedback facilities. Finally, that value added to consumers by sustainability measures, including recyclable packaging, a green supply chain and bio-product
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