Samsung Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketing plan Is important to the company because it is mainly focused on success, and that lack of a marketing plan will lose the company a lot of money Samsung is characterized by a variety of production areas where it applied its Samsung has pursued multiple ways of selling and marketing its electronic products because it aspires to excellence and development in technology and continues to sell according to customer taste.  First, (Understanding the Market) Samsung went to the electronic field when it noticed that the market needed electronic devices.  Secondly, I looked at (selling) Samsung realized what the market needs and the quality of its service to consumers. Now it has 25 production centers and 59 sales branches.  Thirdly, (understanding the customer's need) which clarifies the meaning of "digital convergence", which is linked to important devices in human life, such as home appliances, smart phones and office equipment.  Four (determines marketing method) Place the outer envelope of the product in a very sophisticated way to reach a rich layer.  Five (Significant sales achieved) Samsung has made big profits in the sale of electronic devices, sold about 56% compared to Apple.  Sex (Budget Diagnosis) Samsung has set a future sales profit plan 400 billion in 2020. The product marketing methods have varied…show more content…
The company will use this method variety in advertising, including telephone alerts. The company spends a lot of money on advertising, such as spending $ 14 billion this year on advertising and promoting its electronic production. Therefore, these devices are not limited to a specific age group but included children in both smart phones and tablet PCs, providing security, ease of control and creating an easy device for young people using one console to meet multiple needs You can connect a device to a wireless network and print the document once it is sent Order by
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