Samsung Marketing Strategy Essay

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According to Fortune Global 500, Apple and Samsung is the world’s largest and second-largest information technology company by revenue respectively. This result still can be reversed because these two firms have been competing for the number one position on the list. This paper will highlight the marketing strategy applied by both of these companies and then discuss four main points around the case.
The first part is the summary of the two enterprises’ marketing plans.
At the beginning of 2010, Samsung launched a brand spanking new smartphone called Galaxy S, which initiates the battle for smartphone supremacy between this South Korean multinational electronics company and Apple.
Before the iPhone, there were devices claiming to be smartphones,
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From 2013 onwards, however, Samsung has been ambitious for expanding U.S. market share. Its obvious move was the Galaxy S4 launch in New York in 2013 whereas the company launched the Galaxy S III in Europe one year before. In many developing countries, inexpensive mobile phones are in demand at all times. Some Android-based models from Samsung and other companies sell for far less than the iPhone 5. In the United States, a consumer is entitled to a subsidized iPhone 5 as a quid pro quo for signing a multiyear service contract with a specific wireless carrier. Meanwhile, consumers in other countries have to pay the full but are not tied to any contracts. Furthermore, the iPhone 5 is a 'one fits all' product that is the same in every world market. In contrast, there are several versions of the Galaxy S4 to meet the needs of various…show more content…
The marketing issue was pushed to the forefront when the Oscars 2014 host Ellen DeGeneres took a star-studded selfie with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and posted it on Twitter which then became a social media hit. Ironically, DeGeneres is an iPhone owner; however, Samsung had paid $20 million to sponsor the broadcast. Facing the brilliant marketing strategy of the archrival, Tim Cook established an advertising agency at Apple whose staff includes top talent in the ad industry. He has also put digital-marketing-specialized agencies' name on the Apple's

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