Samsung Smartphone Marketing Case Study

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The first step is understanding the marketplace and the customer needs. We discuss about what’s customer needs, want, and demands in this process. From the angle of battery life, the customer wanted to improve the battery life, so that the phone battery’s ability can go more than a day without having to charge or recharge their device. The customer also hopes that the combination of the various radios inside this smartphone such as GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth and hotspot can reduce the battery life of the smartphones. Besides, the larger form factor that has a rich colour display on the screen also will lead to consumption of battery life.
The customer also wants a more durable device. If you dropped the phone, the models that have a large glass
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For example, Samsung Smartphone can do some research or survey of what is the currents needs and expectations for the smartphone. Besides, in the customer side, we can by sending email or survey about after buying the Samsung Smartphone is it satisfaction. In conclusion, as a marketing manager, I need to balance about the relationship between the marketers and the customer how they regard about the topic of customer value and satisfaction and…show more content…
For instance, one of the promotional events for their galaxy S5 called “ Samsung Sense Academic Festival .” This event helped them to sell their new product one to one basis.

Public relations : Samsung advertised their phone model through the Oscar almost seamlessly .

The fourth step is build customer relationship. Samsung electronic provide unique solutions to meet customer needs. For this , Samsung will expand marketing programs based on customer relationship management ( CRM ) at the level that can be applied to all products. Samsung also will develop a digital network by improving the compatibility between products with the best solutions to serve our customer. Samsung electronic place and will continue to place our consumer needs as the main thing driving the market for a company who can be trusted.

One way of Samsung to run CRM using Facebook. Samsung use Facebook and create their self part in Facebook to their activities especially sales, marketing, and to give serve of customer.

The fifth step is capturing value from customers. Samsung company can create loyalty and

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