Samsung Strategic Technology

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Question one:-

R&D is a set of processes for creating a firm’s technologies internally there are two main goals for R&D first doing research to generate new knowledge and technical ideas to enhance new products or services and manufacturing processes, second development activities that transform ideas into actual product and services for manufacturing and distribution and use.

ROLE OF INNOVATION OF TECHNOLOGY is Technology plays a part in innovation, but not in the way that many people think. For the common person, technology has no value on its own. To make a difference, it has to be appropriately applied to solve specific problems or meet certain goals as defined by your business or your customer. To maximize the value of that difference,
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Each year we invest at least 9% of our sales revenue into R&D activities with a commitment to leading technology standardization and securing intellectual property rights.

Fifth Global R&D Network: Our R&D network spans six Samsung centers in Korea, and 18 more across the U.S., U.K., Russia, India, Japan and China not to mention our organizations in Universities across the globe. Our network investigates the latest technology trends and realizes technologies that offer the greatest benefits.

Finally in Samsung the R&D spending in 2013: $13.4 billion, as a percentage of revenue: 6.4%.
The South Korean conglomerate claims second place once again. It’s many R&D centers range from Silicon Valley to Bangalore to Beijing. The company says it is developing a smart TV monitor and a smart TV service as part of its research program. Domestically, Samsung breaks R&D into three organizations: business unit development teams that have a one to two year development outlook; research institutes that have a three to five year development outlook; and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, which works on projects with a further line of
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Toyota yaris safety sense first Precollision system, second lane departure alert, third automatic high beams. Toyota yaris styling first euro inspired exterior, second sport styled interior, third leather trimmed steering wheel and shift lever.
Toyota yaris technology first Bluetooth hands free phone capabilities and music streaming, second USB and AUX, third AM and FM player with HD radio technology, fourth steering wheel mounted audio controls, fifth yaris entune audio.
Toyota yaris smart space first 15.6 cu. ft. cargo, second 3 or 5 doors, third storage compartments, fourth 60/40 split.
Toyota yaris smart size performer first maneuverable and fun, second good visibility, third easy to park, fourth MPG.
Toyota yaris safety first nine airbags, second star safety system, third driver and front passenger whiplash injury lessening seats, fourth tire pressure monitor system, fifth child safety seat restraints, last one peace of mind with every new vehicle.

-Volkswagen R-Golf Price: From $ 39,375 and on sale in

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