Samsung Target Market

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5.0 Market Analysis 5.1 Customer and Segmentation Analysis ??? 5.2 Target Market Analysis Based on the demographic segmentation analysis, Samsung’s objectives an extensive variety of purchasers extending from ordinary everyday utilization gadgets to mechanical standard gear. The standard target age gathering of clients range from the 20s to 50s or even more established, the length of the individual can buy and utilize the items that Samsung brings to the table in the market. Young people to early grown-ups from age 14 to 25. This age gathering of Samsung item shoppers is typically Samsung 's cell phone target clients as they are generally innovation keen. This gathering of clients is developing as Samsung saw that this gathering has…show more content…
This particular gathering of focuses on the biggest bit of Samsung 's objective market as this is the gathering of buyers that have the most capacity to buy any of the item Samsung brings to the table in the market be it cell phones, brilliant TV, cameras or some other family unit items like vacuum cleaners or clothes washers. This segment of clients will keep on growing in the years to come. 5.3 Positioning Analysis Positioning is about the client discernment about the brand as being not quite the same as alternate brands on particular measurement including item traits. The systems received by Samsung to position itself in the Mobile Phone market are as per the following: 1) Market making and class creation in residential communities 2) Samsung Concept Store 3) It concentrates more on the genuine edge which originates from mid-to-top of the segments 4) Wider Care Network 5) Branded itself as an equivalent word for quality 6) Pioneering in the 3G section of cell phones. 7) Access to Samsung care line 8) Created a Unique Brand Image for itself as a top of the line esteem driven…show more content…
They were the first to introduce 3D Led TV’s. They have always had a head to head competition with Sony in the TV segment. In the past few years Samsung has managed to become the leading producers of TV. Their possession of Samsung chip has also enabled them to come up with innovative products like the smart TV in response to Sony’s internet TV. They have been successful in integrating technology with electronics thus becoming the market leaders. they also have the advantage of manufacturing their TV’S in their own factory while Sony outsources the manufacturing Points of

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