Samsung Value Chain Management Essay

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3. Analyze
For the selected Xs, data was collected over a period of time and for each data point, a detailed data analysis (both quantitative – graphs, statistics and qualitative – bench marking, Delphi method, site visits) was conducted. Based on this data analysis results, three Xs - standard for managing excess inventory, recording past surplus inventory, and web user interface design to handle inventory management – came up as vital few Xs that were considered to affect the CTQ-Y significantly.

4. Enable
For each vital X, a solution or course of correction was thought of to improve the current SCM. So three vital Xs led to three possible actions. Further, for each action/solution detailed improvement plan was drawn based on five design parameters. This complete information structure was
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Supply chain management and six sigma are among those techniques that aim for synchronization of company’s value chain, from inbound logistics to sales and customer services via process and quality improvements. At Samsung, SCM and six sigma are two main enablers for group’s management, innovation and growth. Samsung realized that there is noteworthy room for improvement in its Supply chain operations. Thus this effort was made to synthesize the SCM and Six sigma and thus develop a unique six sigma based methodology to improve its SCM operations. Samsung’s effort & investment has turned out to be productive. The SCM six sigma Black Belt program has created highly qualified & talented SCM specialists, who are currently training this methodology to other associates in their organizations and leading SCM projects. SCM projects are being organized and conducted in a more disciplined manner and their results are continuously monitored & shared through Samsung’s intranet repository for six sigma. Samsung’s effort for global optimum is continuing & SCM-six sigma is projected to play and pivotal
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