Samsung's Global Marketing Strategy

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Samsung, a South Korean business conglomerate, and the world’s largest information technology company, has been keeping up with its top competitors in global marketing as well as profit. Apple, the company who currently hold the number one brand value in the world, and Samsung’s rival in the smart phone industry, makes less profit than Samsung. Other top competitors such as Sony, and LG, also falls behind against Samsung on profit as well. Furthermore, I believe that Samsung has a better brand role for its consumers. In my personal experience, in buying appliances and home theater systems, I find Samsung products to be as reliable as Both LG and Sony, and almost at the same quality for a much lower price. Samsung’s success has become a threat…show more content…
It comes from the fact that their product can be integrated with outside operating system or system, this tells us that Samsung lacks the ability to generate or create their own software for their products which could generate higher profit margin, and increase integration of company’s products and brand loyalty. Samsung also focuses on too many products and services; TV’s, Smartphones, home appliances, sound systems, CD/DVD/Blue Ray players, monitors, microchips, life insurance, construction, and many more. Focusing in too many product and services creates more competitors, and by competing in other industries, Samsung limit its ability to dominate and eventually become its disadvantage over its competitors.
Though Samsung may have weaknesses, it does have opportunities for further growth. One of their opportunity is their growing smartphone market in India, which could give Samsung the opportunity to expand their sales in smartphone. Growth in tablet markets is the second notable opportunity for Samsung; they could introduce better, and newer tablet models. Both opportunities in smartphone and tablets also create opportunity in the growing demand for application processors for both
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The competition of smartphones in developed countries, Price war, and the Rapid changes in technology. Developed countries may offer other smartphones, with brand loyalty of consumers with the other brand, it could affect Samsung’s total sales. Price war is the bigger threat, as mentioned earlier, you can get Samsung product at a lower price than other competitors, with Samsung selling its product on a significant price cut: other competitors can copy this strategy which could push Samsung’s profit margin into the lesser percentile. The biggest threat is how our technology rapidly changes: This I believe is a serious threat not only for Samsung, but for all electronic companies.
Realizing Samsung’s strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats (SWOT), makes one wonder what’s the company’s goal. Samsung’s goal, or what they call Vision 2020, is to generate $400 billion in sales by the year 2020, which would bring them to the same level as Walmart. As one of the largest global brand who produces various products, this is possible for Samsung to accomplish. Furthermore, Samsung Electronics is fostering a medical and bio-business as a core business for the future, as well as, create bio medicine business to expand their sales by

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